Qubius One

Work, make calls
and just relax in silence

Qubius One
Work, make calls
and just relax in silence
Qubius Team
Hold important meetings
and confidential negotiations
Qubius Team
Hold important meetings
and confidential negotiations
Eight-layer soundproofing
The booth's walls consist of eight layers of specialized soundproofing materials. This allows Qubius to absorb up to 32 dB of various noise types.
This compact table has a built-in wireless charger, a conference call system and controls for smart glass tinting. What is more, there is enough room for a 17'' laptop, a tablet and documents.
media hub
Inside the booth, you will find an all-purpose media hub with power outlets, Ethernet and USB ports. This way, you can connect to the internet and charge all your gadgets while you work.
Qubius knows when you are in. An intelligent system turns the ventilation on and off using data from its motion sensors. This saves electricity and prolongs the
fans' life.
ventilation system
Two powerful fans refresh up to 7060 ft³ of air per hour, so being in Qubius is comfortable even during long meetings.

The ventilation channels' positioning and design prevent air and carbon dioxide (CO₂) stagnation. This design also blocks noise and dissipates sound waves in both directions.
diffusion panels
The special geometric structure of the panels is more than just a design element. It dampens the primary energy of sound waves and disperses them to avoid creating an echo. The panels' configuration was designed specifically for voice frequencies in collaboration with Danish engineers.
Inside Qubius, you will find an ergonomic chair. Its design supports the spine in a natural position and helps to relieve tension in your legs.
The booth has an energy-saving LED light installed that doesn't heat the air. Just turn it to switch on diffused or point light, while the dimmer can set the brightness.
Qubius's door is made of 8 mm triple-pane glass, while the back wall is designed using tempered glass. These materials are scratch- and shockproof. What is more, they are completely safe.

Thanks to the transparent glass, Qubius doesn't feel like a closed space. At the same time, the glass's tint glass gives you a feeling of privacy and security. It also prevents light bursts inside the booth and complements the LED light with daylight.
door closure
The door can be easily opened and closed thanks to the high-quality hinges and innovative magnetic system. Aditionely, it prevents door sagging and improves acoustic insulation. Magnetic tape tightly holds the door and absorbs glass vibrations. It also blocks sound waves in both directions.
For modern smartphones, we installed a universal Qi wireless charger. To charge your phone, just place it on the desk.
Conference call
The table features a built-in conference call system with a speaker and an omnidirectional microphone that is perfect for online meetings. You can connect to the system via Bluetooth.
The booth's walls can be covered with a soft coating that makes you feel cozy and is pleasant to touch. It aslo serves as an additional layer of sound insulation. The panels are removable so you can easily replace them if they become damaged.
Wear-resistant carpeting and a metal threshold can withstand increased loading. They also create a feeling of comfort.
The booth's measures 43 × 41 × 87 inches so it takes just about 12 square feet. We can deliver the booth already assembled or assemble it on site. The best place to install Qubius is in the center of your office. This way, it will be within walking distance for all of your employees.

You can easily move the booth around the office using hidden casters. A special adjustment mechanism lets you install the booth and stabilize it on an uneven surface.
Qubius Configurator
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